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A few big updates, but first a quick recap of 2019

River Source Logistics moved to a much larger Class A facility in Los Angeles, CA that’s enabled us to increase our capacity, while maintaining our close proximity to the Port of Los Angeles.

We successfully implemented our new order process & warehouse management system that will increase our workflow and allow us to receive, pick, and ship your orders faster than ever.

River Source Logistics is continuously enhancing and updating our work-processes in order to offer our clients better and faster service. From the changes incorporated this year your orders will be handled swifter, we will be able to offer you better service and your FBA shipment will be processed in the time you need to flourish your business. We strive to make the logistics process as easy and hassle-free as we possibly can because we know how important every shipment is to your Amazon business.

Major Updates 

This year we have incorporated a new warehouse management system that will increase our warehousing processes and allow us to receive, pick and ship your orders faster and more efficiently.

River source has also increased our warehousing capacity and we now hold the largest third-party logistics warehouse in Los Angeles which will allow us to increase our capabilities to faster receive and ship your orders.

We have also incorporated a new order system which will optimize the flow of orders between our customers, warehouse system and customer service.

The Changes 

  • The order process
  • The pricing
  • The policy agreement process
  • The billing process

How it works

All of our current clients will be directed to sign the new policy and service agreement electronically on the River source website. Once the form is signed, you will receive a welcome email with a username and password. These will be used to login on our website in order to gain access to our order system. Our order process will only be accessible by current and newly granted clients who are logged in to the website.

River Source Logistics is adjusting our pricing to better reflect the value that customers get from our services and to make room for some great new engagement coming your way.

Our new pricing changes come as our company is expanding our processes and systems to improve our order handling and capabilities.

How and when it will affect our clients?

River Source Logistics current clients will be fully operating on the new pricing structure on January 1st, 2020. 

What do you need to do

We ask that all of our current clients fill out our new policy agreement on our website by November 10th. Once the policy agreement has been signed and filled out, you will receive a welcome email with your new username and password. This will be the login you will use to gain access to place orders with River Source Logistics.

For further questions please reach out to us, we’d love to help.