How It Works

How we take care of your inventory from the moment it arrives at our e-commerce prep warehouse until it leaves for your customer or your fulfillment center like Amazon FBA


1. Send your inventory to our warehouse

Submit the details of your arriving shipment in our system. Simply select the items arriving and input the number of units expected to arrive on your shipment under your account with us.

2. Your inventory is received and Stored

As soon as your inventory arrives, our team will unload, inspect, and stack your products to be stowed. You will be notified once received and you can view the details of the received items in your account.


3. Submit your order request

Submit the details of your outbound order in our system. This will let our team know what units to ship and any FBA prep services needed before the inventory is forwarded to Amazon.

4. We pick, pack and ship your inventory

Our team pick your inventory, performs the requested prep work for your channel, and stages your inventory to be ready to be shipped as soon as the freight forwarder arrives. You are notified once the order leaves the warehouse and can view details on your account.


How can I get started?

To start, sign up and learn how we can support your fba logistics needs. If you have any questions give us a call at 760-283-8844 or email us at customerservice@riversourcelogistics.com

What services do you provide?

We help eCommerce sellers to focus on growing their business while we handle receiving, storage, and fba prep prior to goods going to Amazon/eCommerce fulfillment centers. The FBA prep we provide includes bundles, FNSKU labels, polybags, marketing inserts, and more to ensure your products meet Amazon’s requirements. We also perform 100% inspections, packing, re-packaging, and any complete or partial re-work of your items. Please see our service page for more services. FBM is coming soon!

What does your warehouse capacity and operations look like?

We are operating out of one of the largest 3PL warehouses on the west coast, currently at 140,000 sq ft. We have 30+ dedicated staff members ensuring 24 to 72 hours notification upon receiving as well as 24 to 72 hours prep for outbound.

Can you provide transportation for my products?

We take over once your products arrive at our facility, your freight forwarder is responsible for reaching out to us 72 hours prior to delivery to us. When it comes to outbound to Amazon, we highly recommend sticking with Amazon’s partnered carriers as they have the best competitive rates. Shipments are arranged by you in your sellers central account. Labels and BOL’s will then be attached to your outbound order and we will prep, stage, and load your products accordingly.

Are there any products that RSL's warehouse does not accept?

As of now, we do not handle books, items containing lithium batteries, hazardous materials, food, temperature controlled items, retail arbitrage, or clothing and shoes

Should I seek insurance options while my goods are at your warehouse?

River Source Logistics does not hold insurance over clients’ goods in our warehouse. Like Amazon FBA facilities, with the fluctuations in the value and commodities in our warehouses at any given point in time, we can not ensure sufficient coverage of the goods within our warehouses. For these reasons, we recommend all clients procure their own insurance coverage.

As a company that focuses on operational and logistics excellence, we take pride in resolving issues with speed and accuracy, while keeping the long-term in mind. In addition, we continually strive to anticipate what could go wrong, so we can prevent most issues before they even arise

Scheduling Disclaimer

While we make every effort to schedule all deliveries and pick-ups within the week a client or freight forwarder contacts us, appointments requested within a 72-hour time frame may conflict with other appointments already made or other events. This can be due to many factors such as seasonality, dock congestion, weather, etc.

Due to these variables, we cannot always guarantee same-week scheduling. River Source Logistics will not be held liable for any penalty fees assessed by carriers, freight forwarders, or other parties due to these variables. To avoid this possibility, please try and schedule your appointments at least 72 hours in advance.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and for your continued patronage.

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