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River Source Logistics is not just a third-party logistics partner, we are Amazon FBA experts. Our goal is to optimize and simplify your logistics process providing peace of mind and a customer experience that is unmatched. 

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Shipping & Receiving

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Unloading a floor loaded shipment arriving at RSL

$15 per foot

Case Handling

In addition to devanning and includes shipping prep

$3.99 per case

Mixed SKU container

Sorting a mixed SKU container that is unorganized



Re-palletizing a shipment arriving on non-compliant pallets.

$10 per pallet

Heavy lifting

Cases weighing 50 lbs or more

$10 per case


Forwarding pallet

Shipping your LTL pallet from RSL to Amazon

 $23 per pallet

Forwarding Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrapping your LTL pallet before forwarding to FBA

 $5 per pallet

Warehouse Services

All warehouse services are quoted and include the material cost seen below and an hourly charge of $20 per person performing the service with a minimum of $20 per service. 



$0.15 per label

Reboxing Cases

Includes carton and case label

$2.75 per case


Includes polybag, FNSKU label, and suffocation label

$1.00 per polybag 


Bundling products

Custom Quote

Standard inserts

Product inserts under 5″ x 5″

$0.15 per insert

Monthly Services

Storage & Service Fees

Monthly storage

Storage is charged per cubic foot per month. We are currently not charging extra for long-term storage.

$0.51 per cubic foot a month


Monthly Members fee

Allows you direct access to our inventory system with live updates on your orders and inventory. Offers you support from our Amazon-trained staff and ensures space available for your upcoming shipments.


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We’ll keep you updated along the entire way. Small parcel, LTL and Full Containers, we accept them all. Our team will be your eyes and ears to locate and fix any FBA requirements your shipment needs.


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While you continue to focus on what you do best, innovating, and growing your e-commerce business we are here, working in your best interest because we understand the long-term value of doing business with a 3PL that you can trust.