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River Source Logistics is not just a third-party logistics partner, we are Amazon FBA experts. Our goal is to optimize and simplify your logistics process providing peace of mind and a customer experience that is unmatched. 

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Shipping & Receiving

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Standard Container Unload, LTL/LCL or SPD

20 foot container

Unloading a 20 foot container arriving at RSL


40 foot container

Unloading a 40 foot container arriving at RSL


45 foot container

Unloading a 45 foot container arriving at RSL


Mixed LTL pallets

Sorting a mixed SKU shipment that is unorganized/ no color code

$10 per pallet 


Case Handling

The case handling charges are incurred in addition to the receiving costs above, this service includes initial outer case inspections upon receiving, stowing, pulling for shipment, LTL or SPD labeling for outbound shipment, loading, and forwarding shipment of cases on pallets. This charge does not include unit handling for inspection, labeling, bundling, polybaging, etc.

1 - 40 cases

 $4.50 per case

41 - 80 cases

 $4.00 per case

81 - 120 cases

 $3.50 per case

121 + cases

 $3.00 per case

Odd shaped

Handling odd shaped cases or unpackaged

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Additional services for  receiving


Mixed SKU container

Sorting a mixed SKU container that is unorganized/ has no color code.

$75/hour of excess unload time

Heavy lifting

Heavy lifting. Cases weighing over 50 lbs

$10 per case


Re-palletizing pallets arriving on Chinese or plastic pallets.

$10 per pallet

Large SPD deliveries

Unloading large floor loaded SPD shipments filling up the majority of a delivery truck

$15/per foot

Case inspection

Includes briefly inspecting the overall status and content in a case

$5 per case

Forwarding pallet

Shipping your LTL pallet from RSL to Amazon

 $18 per pallet

Forwarding Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrapping your LTL pallet before forwarding to FBA

 $5 per pallet

Warehouse Services

Standard Unit Handling Charge


For any basic workup performed on products there is a unit handling charge separate from the products (i.e. labels, polybags, boxes, inserts, etc.). This unit handling charge includes: Outer packaging, inner product visual inspection for abrasions or obvious damage – does not include checking for functionality or any in-depth inspection. These charges are separate from case forwarding charges.

1 - 499 unit handling

$0.45 per unit

$0.75 per oversized unit

500 - 999 unit handling

$0.35 per unit

$0.65 per oversized unit

1000 + unit handling

$0.25 per unit

$0.55 per oversized unit

Inspection, Labeling & Inserts 

Basic labels


$0.15 per label

Custom labels

Labels other than basic labels

$0.20 per label

Standard inserts

Product inserts under 5″ x 5″

$0.15 per unit

Oversized inserts

Product inserts over 5” x 5”

$0.30 per unit


Bundling products

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Small polybag

Polybag 9 x 12 inches

$0.25 per polybag

Medium polybag

Polybag 16 x 20 inches

$0.50 per polybag

Large polybag

Polybag 24 x 20 inches

$1.00 per polybag

Custom polybags

Requests outside of these dimensions or providing polybags

Custom Quote


Reboxing small carton

Reboxing in boxes sized 14x14x14

$1.70 per case

Reboxing medium carton

Reboxing in boxes sized 24x14x12

$2.20 per case

Reboxing large carton

Reboxing in boxes sized 25x18x18

$3.20 per case

Reboxing custom cartons

Requests outside of standard dimensions or providing boxes

Custom Quote

Extended Services

Storage & Service Fees

Monthly storage

Storage is free for the first 14 days after arrival at RSL. After that, storage is charged per cubic foot per month. We are currently not charging extra for long term storage.

$0.39/cubic foot/month


Technology fee

River Source Logistics has technology solutions that aid us in offering the best in class service for our clients. We forecast space needs for existing clients before considering taking on new clients so that our clients will always have peace of mind that we will be able to accommodate their needs. In order to continue offering these features, along with amazing new features launching this Q4, we will be charging a monthly service fee.

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