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As we prioritize improvement this year, we’ve identified a key opportunity: switching label printers.

We kindly request your assistance in selecting the Thermal Printing Paper option each time you initiate an inbound order on Amazon Seller Central. This ensures we can seamlessly print labels on thermal printers during order preparation.

While seemingly minor, opting for Thermal Printing Paper offers several advantages:

  1. No Barcode Smear or Label Fading: This reduces inbound errors and performance alerts upon your shipment’s arrival at Amazon.

  2. Enhanced Print Speed: Our team can print at a faster rate, resulting in quicker processing and reduced downtime from ink cartridge changes and format adjustments.

  3. Simplicity in Process: Streamlined structure benefits both you and us, minimizing maintenance and paper waste.

Your cooperation in this transition is greatly appreciated as we strive for efficiency and excellence in our operations.