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This year our focus is on improvement and we have found an opportunity for improvement in switching label printers.

To do this we need help from our clients to select the Thermal Printing Paper option each time an inbound to Amazon order on seller central is initiated. This way we can print labels on the thermal printer each time we prep orders.

While it may seem like a small change, here are a few reasons why the Thermal Printing Paper is an improvement:

  1. No barcode Smear or Label Fading.
    What does this mean? Reduction in inbound errors and performance alerts as your shipment arrives at Amazon.
  2. Print Speed.
    Our team is able to print at a higher rate, meaning more orders, and less time switching out ink cartridges and adjusting formats.
  3. Keeps the Process Simple. 
    Structure, for you and us. Less maintenance and less paper waste (we all love this one).