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Amazon has announced that Prime Day 2020 is a go!

There were talks that Prime Day was going to be canceled this year but Amazon has recently announced that 2020 Prime Day is happening. Prime day is a great opportunity to boost your sales and last year’s prime day sales were estimated at $7.16 billion. At this point, we don’t know the exact date of Prime Day but here are a few dates that we do know: 

  1. All inventory must be in transit by 8/28
  2. The FBA inbound cutoff date is 9/11 
  3. Coupons need to be created and approved by 8/28
  4. Prime Exclusive Discounts must be created and approved by 9/25 


What this means for you: 

The inventory that you want to send to FBA for prime day must be in transit by 8/28 and they must arrive at FBA by 9/11. Although Amazon recommends all inventory to be in transit by 8/28, with delays at some of the FBA facilities when scheduling appointments; we highly recommend trying to get your shipments in transit by 8/21 to make sure your inventory arrives in time for Prime Day.