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FBA Prep Services at River Source Logistics

At River Source Logistics, FBA Prep Services stand as a cornerstone of our offerings, designed to optimize your inventory management. With our FBA warehouse, we provide versatile solutions for your inventory needs. Discover three convenient methods to order FBA prep services tailored to your requirements, ensuring seamless management and enhanced efficiency for your Amazon business.


  1. Add your FBA Prep request to your Inbound to RSL order
  2. Request FBA Prep to inventory stored in our warehouse
  3. Add your FBA Prep request to outbound from RSL orders
1. Request FBA prep on your ASNs/Inbound order

Use this option when your inbound shipment needs fba prep upon arrival at our warehouse.

Submit your Request 
Details of your prep needs should be included in the services tab on your ASN request in our system. Instructions can be found here.  We would also recommend that you add a detailed note of the services requested under the notes section of the ASN. 

What happens after your request 
Our team will look over and reach out to confirm the request, provide timelines and answer any additional questions or issues presented. Please be sure to be as detailed as possible and add any needed documents and/or SKUs to the Files section of the ASN.

Please also wait for confirmation that the work has been completed before pacing an outbound order request. 

2. Request FBA prep on inventory stored in our warehouse

Use this option when your inventory is already stored in our fba warehouse and the inventory is to be placed back into storage after the prep.

Submit your Request 
The prep services are requested by sending an email to orders@riversourcelogistics.com with details of the workup needed along with each step involved. Detail which SKUs are involved and their quantities, along with providing any required attachments such as FNSKU labels to the email. 

What happens after your request 
Our team will review and confirm the request, provide timelines as well as provide pricing estimates or time study. 

3. Request FBA Prep on an outbound order

Use this option when you already have a shipment plan and the inventory is going to be shipped after the workup. This is the most preferred method as we would be conducting the workup along with the shipment prep.

Submit your Request 
You can add your workup needs on each item to the outbound order. All additional details about the workup should be added to the order assembly instructions, instructions are found here.

Example: Under each SKU/line item selected on your order, add the request in the services fields below. In this example, 200 units are in need of FNSKU labels, poly bagging as well as a photo of the completed workup