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Inspection for FBA compliance

Inventory headed for Amazon FBA has a long journey to make and it is oftentimes not perfect. By using a third-party prep warehouse you can catch damages and issues with your inventory before to forwarding it to Amazon FBA which allows you to fix your inventory at a lower rate and avoid fba compliance fees. At River Source Logistics we always do a visual outer inspection on inventory that arrive at our warehouse. During this inspection, our team can identify damaged boxes, damaged pallets, pierced cartons or anything could have affected the units inside. As soon as anything is discovered at this inspection we notify the client with images and options to resolve the issue.

Our initial outer inspection upon receiving does however not catch any issues with units inside undamaged cases. A more in depth inspection is needed to identify such issues


Inspecting your products at River Source Logistics

Fba prep services at River Source Logistics are performed in our customized software and can be ordered on an inbound to RSL, on a service order on stored inventory, or on an outbound to FBA order.

Once our warehouse team receives an inspection request for your inventory, we pick and move the inventory to our fba prep area. At the prep area, our team will review the inspection request and perform the requested inspection. Any findings will be sent to you with options to solve found issues.

In depth inspections usually finds units that are damaged, units that are missing FNSKU labels or with incorrect FNSKU labels, units missing parts or that are not working properly. Inspections at third-party prep warehouse can find compliance issues what are costly to fix at Amazon FBA and can save both time and money.

All warehouse services are quoted upon request and include the material cost seen below and an hourly charge of $40 with a minimum of $20 per service.






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