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This step-by-step guide will help you calculate the estimated cost of using an Amazon partner carrier to send an LTL (less than truckload) shipment to an Amazon FBA hub or warehouse.

  1. First, create a shipment plan in your Amazon Seller Central account, then click through to the “prepare shipment” page.
  2. In section two: shipping service, choose the options for “LTL” (less than truckload) under the shipping method, and “Amazon-partnered carrier” under shipping carrier.
  3. In section three: shipment packing, complete the form and click “confirm.”
  4. Make sure you don’t select the “stackable pallets” checkmark unless informed to do so by your RSL customer service agent.
  5. Work out the charges for your delivery in section four: shipping charges by using the following guidance:
    • Under “freight ready date,” enter a date in the future for estimation purposes. We recommend 7 days out. 
    • Under “contact person” you can select any contact or person.
    • You can add orders@riversourcelogistics.com as the email address (this ensures we receive the BOL once generated) 
    • Under “freight class,” select 100 or more commonly use the estimated freight class listed by Amazon. 
    • Under “declared value,” enter the commercial value of your shipment’s goods.
  6. Finally, click the “calculate” button to return your estimate – but do not accept the charges if you are only looking to review costs at this stage.

Please note that for a real order, before moving forward at this step, you would navigate to River Source Logistics software and create the order request and upload your case labels.

24-72 hours after the order has been processed at our facility, a River Source Logistics team member will email you the pallet dimensions and weight for you to enter into your Seller Central account. 

Don’t forget that when you use an Amazon-partnered carrier like Amazon’s LTL service, you will receive a BOL from Amazon which you need to send to us at River Source Logistics. This will be emailed automatically to us if you added our email address in step 5.3 above.

For any questions please contact us and we are happy to assist.