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Kevin here from River Source Logistics, I wanted to share some quick insight into how we built our brand for our eCommerce business and how it helped us get a competitive advantage in the eCommerce market.

We would like to share some of the things that have significantly helped us in growing our Amazon businesses going forward and building our brand is one of those things that had a major impact. Not only did building a brand allow us a competitive advantage against the massive Chinese suppliers, but it also allowed us to create add-on value for our customers.

Why you should build a brand for your eCommerce business

 Building a brand has really set our eCommerce businesses apart from our Amazon competitors. Especially in today’s market where massive factories are starting to sell directly on Amazon which makes it really hard to compete on product alone. However, what competitors can’t copy and mass-produce overnight is a brand. Brands take time to build and it requires effort and nourishment. It won’t be an effort that you will see a direct return on, but over time, it might be the thing that allows you to compete with the big factories.

If you are planning on selling your eCommerce business down the line, having built a strong brand with a large following, not just on Amazon, will increase your company value significantly.

How to build a brand for your eCommerce business

Allocate time every week to build on the brand side of your business. It won’t be something that you will see a return on immediately, but the value, in the long run, is significant. We wanted to share a book that we used to help us create our brands called Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller. The book is very simple and easy to understand. We used the one-page brand script handout from the book along with the lessons, to shift our perspective of how we see a brand and how to structure our own.  

Picture this, there is a customer who has a problem, it might be an internal, external, or philosophical problem. This customer meets a guy, who is you or I, who has empathy for the customers’ problem and understand what they are going through. Not only that, but the guy also has authority, he has to go through the problem and found the answers and understood how to address the issue. He offers the customer a plan on how to solve their issue and when the customer is called into action and implement the solution, they will succeed and live a better life. 

This way of thinking about your place in the customers’ story, where you are not the hero, but the customer is the hero and you are the guy to help your customer become an even better and cooler hero is a great perspective to help you develop your brand and position yourself to the customers’ needs. 

Branding in a journey, it takes time and it is a process that keeps developing and changing. The challenge is to get started.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send us a email at customerservice@riversourcelogistics.com.