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Amazon FBA Pallet Requirements

One of the FBA requirements for incoming shipments forwarded through Less Than a Truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload (FTL) are the pallet requirements. Shipments arriving at Amazon’s fulfillment centers must be palletized with shrink-wrap, be no taller than 72 inches, be stacked on FBA compliant wooden pallets, along with labeled cartons and pallet.

FBA Standard Pallet Size

Amazon FBA compliant pallet dimensions are 48″ X 40″ and need to be four-way access pallets. Amazon requires pallets to be wooden pallets with 7 evenly spaced top- deck boards, 2 end-boards, and at least 3 center-boards. These regulations have been put in place to ensure that all shipment arrives on reliable pallets.  See image below of an Amazon FBA compliant Standard wooden pallet.

Non-Compliant Pallets

Pallets that are not compliant with Amazon’s fulfillment requirements include plastic pallets, broken or damaged pallets, long-end wood boarded pallets and plywood pallets. Shipments arriving at FBA with non-compliant pallets could incur a re-palletizing fee and pallets that are broken will be rejected at the Amazon Seller’s expense. Rule of thumb is to not ship pallets that are made of weak materials and that could risk the stability of the pallet. Please see below for the non-compliant amazon pallets.

FBA Prep at River Source Logistics

River Source Logistics warehousing team works hard to ensure that all FBA shipments that leave our warehouse are FBA compliant, even down to the pallet. We carry a high volume of FBA compliant wood pallets for shipments that need to be re-palletized in order to meet Amazon’s Fulfillment regulations. If you are not sure which pallets your supplier uses, we advise that you contact your supplier and specify the pallets you need for your shipment.  You can also reference this blogpost on how to create a vendor guide for your supplier where you can specify all your requirements.


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