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River Source Logistics’ 2019 updates

River Source Logistics has rolled out exciting upgrades in 2019 and we are proud to be continuously evolving and making the FBA logistics process faster and easier. This year we have launched a new order form, a new sign-up process, and a new WMS system and it was all done with one thing in mind, you. The order form allows for a one-stop order request where all of the needed information is provided in the order form and we can initiate the process of your order request right on submission.

If your FBA shipment contains multiple SKUs, you can now fill in the information for all the SKUs in one order form; simply input the number of ASINs/SKUs that are included in your shipment in the field “number of ASINs/SKUs

Our Order-Form now features three different order types:

  • Inbound to River Source Logistics
  • In-Warehouse workup
  • Outbound to Amazon FBA

These three types of orders were created to customize the order form submissions needed and to minimize the order information. The order form collects all the needed information and makes the order request process easier and swifter for you.

Inbound orders

For inbound FBA orders, it is important for us to know the shipment dimensions, the product dimensions and what services will be needed for the incoming order. It is especially important for us to get the complete customer information and ASIN’s so that we can identify the arriving shipments and notify you when the shipment has arrived. An arriving shipment without a corresponding order will be placed on hold pending an investigation into who it belongs to and will, therefore, be prolonged. For a swift and efficient inbound order, we recommend filling in all the fields in the order form and attach the needed shipping information so that we can quickly identify and process your FBA shipment upon arrival at our warehouse.

In-warehouse Workup Orders

In-warehouse workup orders are for shipments that are already at River source logistics warehouse and require additional services such as labeling, inspection, and bundling. For these orders, we need to know the prior order number used for that shipment to be located. To get the order processed fast and efficient, make sure that all the information needed to perform the service is filled out on the order form. We especially need label attached, bundling instructions or inspection instructions to provide an easy and quick order process for your FBA shipment.

Outbound Orders

Outbound orders go straight from our warehouse to the Amazon FBA warehouse. When an outbound order form is submitted, you are letting us know that your shipment needs to be shipped out within the next couple of days. To provide the best possible order process for this order type it is important that we get the shipping labels, the quantity to be shipped, the date of pick-up and the prior order number used for the shipment. By providing this vital FBA shipping information we can process and ship out your order fast and efficiently.

Five steps that ensure swift order processing:

  1. Ensure that your email and customer information is filled incorrectly
  2. Make sure that every one of your ASIN’s is added to the order form
  3. Fill in all the services required for your ASIN’s on the corresponding pages
  4. Attach all labels and files for your order
  5. Make sure that you get an order form confirmation after submission

River source logistics continues to work towards optimized and perfected order systems and processes in order to support the growing demand for FBA orders and to the ease the FBA shipping process for our customers. Thank you for being a part of the River Source Logistics Family.