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FBA Compliance and Prep centers

The journey to the U.S. After a long journey from your supplier to the U.S., your FBA shipment needs prep work and inspections before it is forwarded to Amazon's fulfillment centers. A lot can happen on the freight over the pacific, no matter your freight option. At...

The Value of Third Party Logistics

The Core Value of Third Party LogisticsThe core value provided by third-party warehousing companies is ensuring FBA compliant Amazon Shipments. One of the biggest hurdles of being an Amazon seller is to ensure that every shipment, every carton and every unit,...

2019 River Source Changes

A few big updates, but first a quick recap of 2019 River Source Logistics moved to a much larger Class A facility in Los Angeles, CA that's enabled us to increase our capacity, while maintaining our close proximity to the Port of Los Angeles. We successfully...

Best Order Practices

River Source Logistics' 2019 updates River source logistics have rolled out exciting upgrades in 2019 and we are proud to be continuously evolving and make the FBA logistics process faster and easier. This year we have launched a new order form, a new sign-up process,...

Big Changes to Amazon’s Review System

BIG CHANGES TO AMAZON'S REVIEW SYSTEM Watch our quick video recap for the new changes at Amazon in regards to their review system. No longer are free or discounted products allowed to be given in exchange for unbiased reviews.Amazon has changed the way Amazon Sellers...

Calculate your Amazon FBA Storage Rate Increase

Amazon essentially ran out of storage last 4th quarter, and to ensure they don't run into that issue again, they've drastically increased 4th Quarter storage fees. This is a can't miss video that will walk you through how to pull your report to see what kind of...

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